2024 Ford Maverick Colour Options

2024 Ford Maverick driving down a winding road

Shopping for a 2024 Ford Maverick, but unsure of which colour option you would like to go with? To help drivers decide which colour is right for their 2024 Ford Maverick, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of colour options available for this iconic Ford truck. Continue reading to learn more.

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2024 Ford Maverick Exterior Paint Selection 

The 2024 Ford Maverick is available in nine bold and expressive paint colours. Available 2024 Maverick exterior colour options include: 

  • Azure Grey Metallic Tri-Coat
  • Atlas Blue Metallic 
  • Terrain 
  • Shadow Black
  • Carbonized Grey Metallic Tri-Coat
  • Cactus Grey 
  • Oxford White
  • Hot Pepper Red Metallic 
  • Iconic Silver

Bold and Rugged Style 

The 2024 Ford Maverick boasts a striking exterior design that seamlessly combines rugged and modern elements. At the front, the Maverick features a bold grille with the iconic Ford logo, flanked by sleek headlights that incorporate LED technology for improved visibility. The sculpted hood and pronounced wheel arches give the vehicle a robust and athletic appearance. In the rear, the Maverick’s silhouette shows a clean and uncluttered design, with well-defined lines running along the body, adding a touch of sophistication. The size of the Maverick makes it highly maneuverable, perfect for urban environments. 

One of the standout features of the 2024 Maverick is its versatile bed, which comes with a multi-position tailgate that can be configured to accommodate a wide range of cargo. This innovative design provides practicality and adaptability for hauling and transporting items. The Maverick is available in a variety of vibrant exterior color options, allowing buyers to personalize their vehicle to suit their style preferences. Overall, the 2024 Ford Maverick’s exterior design combines the best of both worlds, offering a rugged and capable look while also incorporating modern and functional elements to meet the demands of a diverse range of drivers.

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