Debunking Factory Order Myths and Misconceptions

2022 Ford F-150 parked off-road

With recent years seeing a significant disruption to the production of new vehicles, many automotive manufacturers have started to encourage custom factory orders. However, there are still many drivers who misunderstand how factory orders work, making them reluctant to put in their own custom order. To help drivers understand the process, we’ve debunked several myths and misconceptions about factory orders down below. 

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Myth #1: I Need to Make a Large Deposit

When putting in a factory order for a new vehicle, many drivers believe they need to make a large initial payment to secure their purchase. While initial deposits can vary from dealership to dealership, it typically only amounts to $500 to $1,000. This allows drivers to lock in their vehicle right away, and then make a more substantial down payment at a later date. 

A 2022 Ford F-150 driving down a city street

Myth #2: My Price Is Locked In When I Order  

Many drivers believe that once they put in a custom factory order for a vehicle, they won’t be able to take advantage of any price or offer changes that occur between the initial order and their vehicle’s arrival. Fortunately for drivers, this isn’t the case. If the price of the vehicle or the terms of an offer changes, the driver is free to choose whichever option is preferable to them. This benefit also protects the driver from any increases to the factory price. 

Myth #3: Custom Order Vehicles Take a Long Time to Arrive 

While drivers who are in immediate need of a vehicle may not find that factory ordering is the right choice for them, the average factory order won’t take too long to arrive at a dealership. While waiting periods will vary by model, most vehicles built for a custom order only take one to two months to arrive. At the latest, drivers can expect a factory-ordered vehicle to take up to six to eight months to arrive. 

Factory Order Your Vehicle Through Southlake Ford

Southlake Ford, located at 18001 Leslie St. in Newmarket, ON, is the perfect place for drivers to put in a custom order for their next Ford vehicle. Have any questions about factory orders for the Southlake Ford team? Don’t hesitate to send us a message directly through our website, or by giving us a call at (905) 853 – 5000. Our team of Ford model experts can provide assistance and knowledge to help you with your vehicle shopping experience.