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To ensure your Ford vehicle stays in peak condition, it’s important to take it in for routine maintenance. Wondering what Ford’s recommendations are in terms of routine service intervals? Interested in learning more about the Intelligent Oil Life Monitor found in select models? Below, we’ve broken down everything drivers need to know about scheduled maintenance for their Ford vehicle. 

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Why is Scheduled Maintenance Important? 

Taking your Ford vehicle in for regular service is crucial for keeping its many parts and systems in proper working order. When drivers begin to neglect maintenance, their risk of experiencing a mechanical issue increases significantly. By following the maintenance schedule outlined in their model’s owner’s manual, drivers are ensuring their vehicle stays in excellent shape, even as it starts to age.    

When Should Ford Owners Go In For Oil & Filter Changes? 

Ford vehicle owners may be wondering when they should go in for an oil or engine air filter change. Ford of Canada recommends drivers take their vehicles in for oil and filter changes every six months, or 8,000 kilometres—whichever comes first. Drivers who neglect either service may notice their engine start to weaken, or a loss in fuel efficiency. 

A man using a clipboard to write down data on a vehicle in for service.

How Does the Intelligent Oil Life Monitor Work? 

Newer Ford vehicles come equipped with an Intelligent Oil Life Monitor system. This feature conveniently alerts drivers when it’s time to go in for an oil change. This feature will activate when the vehicle’s oil has only 5% of its life remaining, meaning drivers should make plans for an oil change as soon as they can. 

Why Go to Southlake Ford for Scheduled Maintenance? 

When drivers choose to go to a Ford dealership for their service needs, such as Southlake Ford in Newmarket, Ontario, they ensure their vehicle is worked on by factory-trained technicians who use nothing but official Ford parts for their vehicle. From filter changes to brake inspections, our team of Ford service experts will be happy to help you maintain your vehicle. 

Schedule a Service Appointment at Southlake Ford

Drivers can book an appointment for vehicle service right here on the Southlake Ford website. Have any questions about our service department? Our Service FAQs page may have an answer to your question.