Vehicle Detailing Service at Southlake Ford

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Looking for a way to get your vehicle back to looking its best? With the vehicle detailing services available at Southlake Ford, drivers can keep their vehicle in peak condition. Wondering what vehicle detailing entails, and how our team of automotive experts can help you keep your car, truck, or SUV in excellent shape? Below, we’ve broken down everything drivers need to know about the vehicle detailing services available at Southlake Ford 

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What is Vehicle Detailing? 

Professional automotive detailing is the act of thoroughly and meticulously cleaning, restoring, and polishing a vehicle to make it look as close to mint condition as possible. While regular car washes are automated and typically only cleans the vehicle’s exterior, vehicle detailing services are done by hand, are much more thorough in their approach, and usually include interior cleaning, as well. 

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Why is Vehicle Detailing Important? 

Vehicle detailing has more benefits than most vehicle owners realize, beyond keeping it cosmetically appealing. Performing a professional deep-clean of a vehicle is a great way to extend its lifespan. Over time, dust and other external contaminants can have a negative impact on your vehicle’s mechanical components. Regular cleaning can also help your vehicle maintain its resale value. 

Tips for Keeping Your Vehicle Clean 

While vehicle detailing services are a great way for drivers to care for their vehicle, there’s no shortage of ways for drivers to keep their vehicle clean at home, too. Regular car cleaning options include: 


  • Using air compressors to dust off your vehicle’s electronic components
  • Cleaning dirt and dust that has collected on the seats 
  • Use dedicated automotive cleaning products to clean spills and get rid of stains 
  • Make sure your air filter is replaced regularly to reduce contaminant build-up

Get Your Vehicle Detailed at Southlake Ford 


Southlake Ford, located at 18001 Leslie St. in Newmarket, ON, is the perfect place for drivers to go for vehicle detailing service. Have any questions about vehicle detailing for the Southlake Ford team? Don’t hesitate to send us a message directly through our website, or by giving us a call at (905) 853 – 5000 (ext. 1).